Albia 2020 Results

Thank you to everyone who came out to Albia. Despite all of the rain, we still had a great rodeo! I’ll take checks and trophy signs with me to Ottumwa. The Chamber of Commerce worked very hard to make this happen and from everything I hear, they’re very happy with the show.

Please know how much we, as stock contractors, appreciate you contestants who always come with a smile on your face and are willing to help – even the ones that miss books and call in late! 🙂 We appreciate you coming to our town, stopping by the local ice cream shops, fast food restaurants, steakhouses, and gas stations on your way through. We really appreciate you riding in the grand entry. It’s our job to sell you all, and our sport, to the committees and convince them that we’re worth their hard work and money! With great contestants, that’s easier to do. Please continue to help “sell” our sport for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021. Wear your cowboy hats, stop in the local businesses, and let them know you’re in town for the rodeo. And for the love of everything, say THANK YOU to every committee member you see!

Results are here: Albia 2020 Results

Side note for the barrel racers: we had a couple comments that some were concerned the pattern wasn’t set equally and fair. I still have the sheet with measurements on them. Jerry and I went also went back to the arena and (thanks to the mud) the center gate mark in the mud was still there, as well as the tape for the score line and first barrel. We re-measured everything and it was indeed set correctly!

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