Midwest’s Best Rodeo

“Grounds-Keeping Items”

  • All trailer parking Thursday – Saturday will be in the lot on the South side of Dean Avenue (Rock Island)
    • Unless you want to camp on the hill
    • No horses in the campgrounds
  • Stalls will be available for $34 per stall for up to 2 days
    • Pay for your stalls when you pay fees
    • Use the stalls on the west end of the horse barn (closest to Jacobson) The Five Star Select horse sale will be using the stalls on the East end
    • The Iowa State Fairgrounds will be checking stalls daily to see how many are used – PLEASE PAY ME
    • Bring your own bedding
    • You do not have to clean your stall
  • Camping in the campgrounds (on the hill) is $30/night. You can plug in and park wherever you’d like.
  • Camping in the Rock Island lot is $40/night
  • Settle up with the Campground Hosts – they’ll be around checking everyone! 🙂
    • They’ll bill you if you don’t. Not my deal.

Friday Qualifier for Timed Events

  • Order of Events
    • 8 am Open Arena
    • 8:30 am Close Arena
    • 9 am – Barrel Racing
    • Breakaway Roping not to start before 10:30 am
    • Barrel Racing Buy-Back Round
    • Breakaway Buy Back Round
    • Calf Roping not to start before 2:00 pm
    • Over 40 Calf Roping
    • Calf Roping Buy-Back Round
    • Steer Wrestling not to start before 5:00 pm
    • Steer Wrestling Buy-Back Round
    • Team Roping not to start before 6:30 pm
    • Team Roping Buy-Back Round
  • Fees
    • $100 for barrel racing (one run)
    • $200 for timed events (two head)
  • Payout
    • Will pay each round and the average
    • Over 40 Calf Roping will pay Fast-Time each round and 3 holes in the average

Buy-Back Rounds

  • Barrel Racing
    • $50 for one run
    • Taking 2 to Saturday night from the Buyback Round
    • 80% of buyback money goes into Saturday’s pot
  • Breakaway, Calf Roping, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping
    • $100 for one run
    • Taking top 2 to Saturday night from Buy-back Round
    • 75% of Buy-Back money goes to Saturday night pot

Saturday Main Performance

  • Check in by 6 pm
  • Performance at 7 pm
  • Each contestant competing Saturday night will get one buddy pass
  • Order of Events:
    • Bareback
    • Steer Wrestling
    • Breakaway
    • Calf Roping
    • Saddle Bronc
    • Over 40 Calf Roping
    • Team Roping
    • Barrel Racing
    • Bull Riding
  • Fees
    • Rough Stock $100
    • Timed Events No Fees
  • Payout
    • Will pay 3 holes in each event

DRAW –> Midwest’s Best 2021 Draw

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