Ottumwa Results

Congratulations to everyone. Thanks for coming!

Ottumwa Results

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Oskaloosa Results

Thanks to everyone who came out and to our Rogue Crew for your great work.

Thanks to the Southern Iowa Fair Board for having us!

Here are the results:

Oskaloosa Results

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May 20, 2017 Results

May 20, 2017 at Elkhart, Iowa

Official Results

Thank you to everyone for entering these rodeos and supporting us! We are truly grateful.

Rogue Rodeo Official Results

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Elkhart – May 13, 2017

Confession time!!!

I made a mistake. I know, it surprises me too. But it happened, so I’ve worked very hard to correct it and check and double check and triple check and quadruple check and… get the point!

If you received a check, I owe you a little bit more money! Yes, my mistake is GOOD for you! I will have an envelope with everyone’s name on it at the next event on Saturday, May 20th. If you’re not in attendance, I’ll mail it to you. Also, I immediately caught my mistake before I sent results in to the IRCA Secretary, so everything that will be submitted for standings will be correct.

Thanks for your patience – here are the official results from May 13th in Elkhart!

Elkhart May 13th Results

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Elkhart April 22nd Results

Thank you for entering and supporting us on our first event! Here are the results!


April 22 Elkhart Results

April 22 Elkhart FULL Results


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